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Proofpoint Digital Discover
Detect and respond to infringing domain threats


Find unauthorized and fraudulent social media accounts, mobile apps, and domains associated with your brand.


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Digital Discover
Digital Discover

Our Digital Discover solutions protect your brand and the people who trust it from suspicious and infringing social accounts, mobile apps, and domains.

Key Benefits

Your company’s web presence is one of its richest customer-engagement channels. It’s also a lucrative conduit for threat actors looking to cash in on your digital investment. Cyber criminals can easily register domains that imitate your brand. Piggybacking on your brand’s goodwill, they highjack advertising traffic, deliver phishing schemes, sell knockoff versions of your products, and steal intellectual property. The volume of phishing websites alone climbed 250% between Q4 2015 and Q1 2016

We help you reduce this risk. Proofpoint Domain Discover analyzes a vast body of domain data to continually uncover any suspicious or infringing domains that put your brand and customers at risk.


Domains that infringe on your brand are a major risk.

Phishing and Cyber Threats
Attackers set up lookalike domains that are part of an email or social media phishing scheme. They’re designed to trick your customers into giving up their credentials or other sensitive information. Criminals also use these as the sender domain in email attacks and to lure your customers to sites that are infected with malware.

Lost Transaction Dollars
Profit seekers spoof your domains to divert your traffic to generate ad revenue, sell knockoff versions of your products, or peddle competing products. These ploys can lead to real revenue losses. The recent Methbot scheme spoofed 6,000 U.S. domains and generated $5 million in fraudulent revenue per day

Customer Turnover
Infringing domains hurt your brand trust and customer experience. When a bad actor spoofing your domain negatively impacts your customers, they could attribute the bad experience to your brand. In fact, 73% of customers will reconsider using a company if it fails to keep their data safe


Comprehensive Domain Discovery
Domain Discover uses a highly scalable detection system that continually analyzes newly registered domains. The quality of our intelligence and breadth of coverage means accurate discovery of subdomains and URLs that represent a security, trademark, or other risk to your brand. Our automated process saves you time and avoids the inaccuracy of manual search efforts.

Cross-Channel Intelligence
Our deep visibility across digital channels delivers superior security protection against active attacks. Our email threat intelligence monitors for domains infringing upon your brand that are sending email. When this is discovered, you’ll receive an alert and can take action on this harmful activity. Our email threat intelligence feed is powered by a global network that processes 200 million messages daily, sent to more than 90 million email addresses from 196 countries delivering unique, real-time insights from the most comprehensive intelligence network in the email ecosystem.

Visibility to Quickly Assess Risk
Domain Discover saves you time and resources with detailed visibility of the domains infringing on your brand. Automated tags by risk level let you quickly assess:

Built-in Mitigation Workflow
We make it easy to find and respond to fraudulent domains and URLs. Your stakeholders receive automated reports when we detect new suspicious domains that require enforcement. Integration with takedown providers and remediation workflow make it easy to track outcomes.


Domain Discover is part of our Digital Risk Defense platform. Unlike other security tools, Digital Risk Defense protects against security, brand, and compliance risks targeting the people who trust your brand across web, mobile, and social media. We take a holistic approach to digital risk that covers all your engagement channels.

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Download the Proofpoint Digital Discover Datasheet (PDF).

Proofpoint Products
Digital Discover
Digital Discover