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Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection Product Suite

You engage with customers across web, social media, and mobile apps. This omnichannel presence increases customer engagement but also exposes your company to new digital risks. Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection provides a unified solution to protect against security, brand, and compliance risks across web, mobile, and social media. It’s the only solution that gives you a holistic defense for all your digital engagement channels.

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When you request a demo, you can map your social, mobile, and domain footprint to discover your brand-owned and fraudulent or unauthorized accounts.

Complete visibility into your data

Social Media Protection

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection provides you with real-time security for your branded social media accounts across all major social networks.

Domain Fraud Monitoring

Proofpoint protects your customers, partners and employees from threats posed by fraudulent domains.

Automated regulatory compliance

Cloud-based, fast time-to-value

Executive and Location Threat Monitoring

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection helps you gain situational awareness of potential threats against your key executives and locations.

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