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Proofpoint Email Security and Protection
Advanced mobile protection for iOS and Android devices, apps and networks


Protect your people from spam, malware, and even non-malware threats with accurate classification, granular control, and visibility into all email communication.


Proofpoint Products
Email Security and Protection
Email Security and Protection

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When deployed in the cloud:

Proofpoint Email Protection Features

Proofpoint Email Protection Benefits

Secure Your Organization Against Email Threats

Proofpoint Email Protection helps you secure and control inbound and outbound email through an easy- to-use cloud-based solution. With Email Protection, you can protect your people, data, and brand from today’s threats and common nuisances such as:


Email Protection provides the tools you need to keep your people safe from email threats. We enhance your ability to protect against fast-emerging threats such as impostor email and phishing. We also help block better- understood threats such as spam, bulk email, and viruses. Email Protection meets the needs of even the most complex enterprise deployments; we support cloud, hybrid and on-premises installations with virtual or physical appliances.


Effective threat protection starts with accurate detection. Email Protection uses multiple layers of technology to accurately detect threats, including malicious content and malware.

Multilayered Content Analysis

Email Protection uses several techniques to protect against both known and emerging threats. Signature-based detection prevents known threats while dynamic reputation analysis continually assesses local and global IP addresses to determine whether to accept, reject or throttle email connections. Together, these features help protect you at the first signs of malicious activity.

Protection from malware-free threats

Email Protection detects threats that don’t involve malware, such as credential phishing and impostor email. It assesses the reputation of the sender by analyzing hundreds of thousands of email attributes, including the sender/recipient relationship, headers, and content. Impostor email—also known as business email compromise or CEO fraud—is a fast-growing threat that can cause huge losses.


Accurate Email Classification and Quarantine

Protect against email threats and other unwanted messages in just about any language with multilingual analysis. Email classifiers divide incoming email into separate quarantines by type. This feature gives you granular control over a wide range of email, including:

Graymail Management
Reduce the amount of inbox clutter and give users personal control over bulk email. Big data analysis techniques accurately identify graymail and deliver it to a separate low-priority inbox. Users can then “promote” wanted email to their regular inbox or “demote” unwanted email to their quarantine.

Policy Creation
Email Protection supports the demands of the largest enterprises in the world. Our policy engine gives you complete flexibility with custom rules at the global, group and user level. With our deep content inspection, you can easily enforce your unique acceptable-use policies.

Email Continuity
If you’re moving to cloud-based inbox platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, service outages can be a concern. Email continuity lets you continue to send and receive email when mail servers are unavailable; this always-on capability that means important messages get through—and your business keeps running. When email service is restored, all sent and received emails can be synced back to the server.


Message Tracing
Email Protection gives you a wealth of data and search tools. Our advanced message tracing features a high-performance search engine to help you quickly pinpoint hard-to-find log data based on dozens of search criteria.

Get more than 60 real-time reports for detailed visibility into mail flow and trends. This data can help you proactively address issues and trends as they emerge.

End User Controls
Give your people self-service control over their email preferences such as:

  • Quarantines
  • Safe and block lists
  • Bulk mail delivery
  • You can even allow users to opt in or out of various spam policies. All end-user services are easy to brand allowing providing familiarity for end-users who access these tools . And with support for numerous languages, you can deploy them globally.


    Download the Proofpoint Email Security and Protection Datasheet (PDF).

    Proofpoint Products
    Email Security and Protection
    Email Security and Protection