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Simplify e-discovery and compliance. Avoid the headaches of managing archiving in-house. Retain, discover, access and supervise business-critical information. Get total control over costs and risks.

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Information Archiving
Information Archiving

Legal and compliance pressures are evolving in the face of today’s data growth. That’s why you need a new approach to your archiving challenges. Enterprise Archive is a proven, next-generation archive solution that leverages cloud intelligence for deep insight into your data to reduce cost, complexity and risk.





Proofpoint Enterprise Archive™ is a cloud-based archiving solution that simplifies three key information management challenges—legal discovery, regulatory compliance and end user information access—without the headaches of managing an archiving solution in-house. Enterprise Archive solution is utilized by some of the world’s most complex organizations for active access to information anytime, anywhere with sustainably fast and reliable performance financially backed by a Search Performance Guarantee. And only Proofpoint offers uncompromised data protection with patented DoubleBlind™ Key Architecture that ensures that you retain full control over who has access to your information.


Information archiving must address a variety of business requirements, including legal discovery and investigative readiness, regulatory compliance and access to historical content for end-users. To be prepared, organizations must know where data is stored and be able to quickly collect, search, and retrieve that information on-demand. Organizations must also have the ability to establish and enforce policies that reflect specific regulatory and geographic market requirements, and that align with internal information governance strategies. If not managed properly, legal and compliance risks can be significant and challenge an organization’s ability to defend its processes. This can lead to costly fines, guilty verdicts and damaged reputations.

An archive also provides a centralized, searchable repository that provides end users with access to historical information. This access should be simple and intuitive, with a familiar user experience that fits work habits and enables greater productivity. Finally, an information archive should address all of these requirements while also supporting the IT objective of reducing the cost and management complexities of exploding data volumes, both within managed systems as well as in the wild.


Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is designed with the features, security and performance to meet even the most rigorous standards required for regulatory compliance and discovery readiness.

Easy-to-Enforce Retention Policies
Proofpoint Enterprise Archive’s policy management capabilities allow an organization to create, maintain and—most importantly—consistently enforce information retention policies. Enforcement of policies is automatic—a single click from the user interface is all that’s needed to make a policy active. Every policy change is tracked in an unalterable audit trail, ensuring an accurate record of an organization’s policy changes.

Fully Automated Legal Hold Processes
With Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, the litigation hold process is simple and fully automated. Proofpoint allows legal teams to instantly preserve data in legal holds, which suspends items from their assigned retention periods. An easy-to-use UI provides a full reporting and audit trail, allowing an organization greater efficiency and transparency in managing data preservation requirements.

Fast Access for Early Case Insight
Enterprise Archive provides search features optimized for performance that allow an organization to quickly gain insights into data to refine discovery strategies. Legal teams can easily conduct near real-time searches across email and the contents of more than 400 types of attachments, social media and enterprise collaboration content, as well as Bloomberg data. The ability to provide instant data accessibility significantly reduces the time and cost of collecting, filtering, and searching data collected via restored back-up tapes, imaged hard drives and PST files.

Supervision for Regulatory Compliance
Proofpoint Enterprise Archive helps organizations meet regulatory compliance demands by archiving information according to SEC 17a-4 and FINRA-compliant storage requirements. Intelligent Supervision features allow compliance staff to systematically review messages (including email, social media, Bloomberg and instant messaging). Content selected for review—either as potential policy violations or through a random sampling process—is then automatically routed to authorized users for appropriate action. Additionally, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive provides reports to help address the most complex regulatory compliance demands.


Proofpoint Enterprise Archive securely archives information in Proofpoint’s Cloud Infrastructure, and provides customers with easy access to their data at all times. Proofpoint Enterprise Archive combines an innovative, grid-based cloud storage infrastructure to deliver the performance, scalability and cost savings of the Cloud, while providing the highest levels of security and privacy of archived data.

Fail Safe Archiving Process
Unlike other cloud solutions, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive’s unique “Pull-and-Confirm” method pulls messages from the journaling mailbox so email will never be lost, even if the appliance or network goes down. Proofpoint confirms that items received within the archive match those sent from the journaling mailbox before removing them from the journal– ensuring that Proofpoint possesses a complete, inclusive record within the archive.

on-premises solutions that experience performance degradations and require continual hardware upgrades as the data store grows, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive delivers scalability on demand. Proofpoint’s grid storage architecture and parallel search technology ensures real-time search performance for all customers, regardless of how large the archive grows or how complex the search performed.

The Most Secure Archive In the Industry
Utilizing its patented DoubleBlind™ Key Architecture, only Proofpoint ensures that all data that leaves a customer site is always encrypted. This delivers uncompromised data security as information is protected both in transit from a customer site and while under management within Proofpoint’s Cloud infrastructure. Data is encrypted with an encryption key that is unique to each customer. Since only the customer possesses the encryption key, they remain full control over the decision of who can access their data within the archive. This breakthrough approach, coupled with operational and security practices that are SSAE-16 certified, provides organizations with assurance of complete data privacy and uncompromised security.


Delivery of business-critical information is a full-time endeavor. Proofpoint provides a fully-managed service that has attained SSAE-16 Type II certification – not just for its physical facilities, but for the service itself. This includes a global data centers and a world-class support and operations infrastructure that can proactively identify issues and take action – in many cases before the customer is aware of the problem. Proofpoint’s strengths in delivering a responsive, seamless customer experience is evidenced by market leading customer renewal rates and customer satisfaction ratings.

Search Performance Guarantee
Proofpoint is the only archiving vendor that offers a search performance guarantee, ensuring reliable access to archived data in seconds. Unlike



Proofpoint Enterprise Archive

Features Benefits
Legal Discovery Readiness
Legal Hold Management Reduce preservation risk by fully automating legal hold management process
Early Case Insight Fast, self-service search enables real-time legal and investigative team insight
Regulatory Compliance
Retention Policy Management Apply and enforce granular policies to reduce compliance risk
Intelligent Supervision Simplify compliance SEC, FINRA, and IIROC regulations for supervisory review of communications
End User Access
Intuitive Interface End users can easily retrieve archived content, via intuitive Outlook, OWA, and mobile device access
Folder Sync Preserves folder structure to provide greater context for archive search results
Innovative Cloud Architecture
Grid Architecture Enables search in seconds backed by SLA - regardless of archived volume or complexity of search query
DoubleBlind™ Key Architecture Separation of encryption keys from encrypted data ensures the customer remains in control over data access


Download the Proofpoint Information Archiving Datasheet (PDF).

Proofpoint Products
Information Archiving
Information Archiving