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Proofpoint Digital Protection
Detect and respond to infringing domain threats


Protect your corporate social media accounts and employee social media programs from attacks, malicious content, and other risks.


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Digital Protection
Digital Protection

Our Digital Protection solutions provide real-time security for branded social media accounts and employee social media programs across all major social networks. Use our patent-pending technology to detect account hacks, lock down compromised accounts, remove malicious content, control connected applications, and prevent phishing.

The average enterprise has over 320 social media accounts, making it very complex to manage security and compliance. But it’s critical that organizations protect their brands, prevent hacks, and avoid costly compliance violations.

Proofpoint’s Social Protection solutions let you centrally discover, audit, and protect your firm’s social media presence. You can protect your company, customers, and brand while ensuring compliance across your entire social media infrastructure.


Social media is a new challenge for many security teams. As you expand your social media presence you are also increasing your attack surface.

Protect your organization and your employees from security threats on social media:


Proofpoint provides a complete set of tools to protect your brand from costly attacks and embarrassing mistakes. The suite provides social media account discovery, automated moderation, hack protection, and archiving.

End social account sprawl by scanning social networks to discover accounts associated with your brand:

Prevent social account hacks and detect changes to your account profiles:

Remove abusive and offensive content from accounts automatically:


Proofpoint offers a rich audit and control solution for social media infrastructure, enabling you to enforce corporate and regulatory policy across all of your brand’s accounts and easily demonstrate compliance to auditors.

Implement application and account controls that automatically apply your written social media policy:


Clear, easy-to-access data is vital to understanding your social media risk and protecting your company and brand. Proofpoint’s Social Protection suite features a rich Threat Center dashboard that shows you everything you need to know.


Download the Proofpoint Digital Protection Datasheet (PDF).

Proofpoint Products
Digital Protection
Digital Protection